May 23, 2024

Proxy Integration with Incogniton: Step-by-Step Guide

Easily set up proxies in the Incogniton browser with IpnProxy. Follow our professional, step-by-step guide to enhance privacy and manage multiple accounts...

Managing multiple accounts on various platforms has become more straightforward thanks to advancements in technology, particularly anti-detect browsers like Incogniton. This article guides you through setting up an Incogniton proxy using IpnProxy, ensuring privacy and anonymity while managing multiple accounts efficiently.

Why Use IpnProxy as Your Incogniton Proxy Provider

Key Benefits:

  • Residential IPs: Authentic residential connections ensuring reliability.
  • No Contracts: Flexible, non-expiring traffic.
  • Targeting Options: Country, state, and city-level IP targeting.
  • Bulk Discounts: Cost-effective for large-scale needs.

IpnProxy proxies are 100% residential, providing real device IP addresses to avoid detection and blacklisting, crucial for maintaining multiple online accounts.

Step 1:  Download and Install Incogniton:

Step 2: Profile Management

  • Navigate to Profile Management (1) and click on "New Profile". (2)

  • Select "Proxy" (1) in the navigation panel.

Step 3: Configure IpnProxy Proxy

  • Go to your IpnProxy dashboard.
  • Choose your desired proxy type (e.g., HTTP/s) and set preferences.

Step 4: Verify Proxy Settings

  • Copy proxy details (IP, port, username, password) from IpnProxy to Incogniton. (2)
  • Use the "Check proxy" (2) feature to ensure correct setup. 
  • Confirm the proxy's IP and location. (3)
  • Create your browser by clicking on the Create profile (4) button 

Final Step: Create and Use Profile

  • Click "All Profiles". (1)
  • Start the profile to open a browser window with your settings. (2)


By setting up an Incogniton proxy with IpnProxy, you can manage multiple accounts seamlessly while safeguarding your privacy. For more detailed guidance, check out our quick-start guides and explore related blog posts.


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